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There are simple 4 steps involved in the SED   ttd online booking information which are as follows;

  1. Block Ticket
  2. Pilgrims Information
  3. Payment methods
  4. Conformation

ttd online booking information |ttd online booking for sevas|ttd online booking kalyanam tickets

  1. a) Block Tickets –

Step 1 :

Blocking of a ttd online booking particular date needs to be done that comes up on the pop – up menu, that can be made according to the individuals convenience.

ttd online booking,  ttd online booking information this column is on the right hand said of ‘Darshan Date’ column.

Step 2 :

  • Look in for the availability.

Various colors are marked  ttd online booking, ttd online booking information where each one of them mean ;

  • Green – Available
  • Red – Quota Full
  • Blue – Quota Not Released
  • White – Slot unavailable

Step 3 :

  • Number of persons have to be selected (Max. of 6 in a single slot) ttd online booking information
  • As shown in the image above book for the slot and ticket availability, later the amount is ttd online booking calculated according to the number persons automatically.
  • Click on ‘continue’.

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  1. b) Pilgrims Information

‘Your Personal Information’ , in this particular menu option fill in all the details along with the soft copy of photo, which is a simple and easy process. ttd online booking for sevas, ttd online booking

  • The photo of the person who is involved in booking the ticket only needs to upload their image.
  • Previously all the pilgrims’ had to upload their photo.
  1. c) Payment Method –

ttd online booking as a third step payment can be made through any of the three banks namely;

  • PNB – Punjab National Bank
  • ICICI and
  • Andhra Bank

Step 1 :

Opt for the bank of choice, as seen in the image below,

ttd online booking

Note – Net banking facility cannot be used here. ttd online booking information only a Debit card or Credit card payment can be made.

If PNB card is not available then it is right to choose ICIC or Andhar bank which acts as an Gateway to all the other banks. ttd online booking

Step 2 :

  • After selecting Credit or Debit card option
  • Then Click on Proceed to Payment.

Step 3 :

Fill in all the required data.

  1. d) Conformation –

  • Once all the data is entered for payment, then it is the time to click on ‘Proceed to Payment’.
  • Immediacy a Conformation page appears automatically ttd online booking.
  • Click on Print
  • A fresh page ttd online booking again appears asking for conformation for SED receipt that opens.
  • A hard copy of the print out needs to be taken that needs to be submitted at the time of Datshan (2 Payment and darshan receipts)

Note – Do not miss to carry this receipt of payment as it is really importance to enter the queue. ttd online booking rules, ttd online booking

  1. e) Booking History

ttd online booking kalyanam tickets

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