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ttd online booking for suprabhata seva, ttd online booking – Archana also known as Sahasranamarchana, is recited on the completion of Tomala Seva. It is performed to Lord Venkateswara by praying his 1000 names.

Once Archana is completed the blessings of Lord Venkateswara was spread to the entire world, every ticket holder can say their name and gotram if they want to take the blessings of Lord Venkateswara. It is a lengthy process as there around 200 Seva kartas every day. ttd online booking e- accommodation, ttd online booking details

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This entire archana lasts for a half an hour (30 minutes). Archana is recited to Vaksha Sthala Lakshmi Tayar in Ekantam, there would be a screen drawn over the sanctum.

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Sri Venkateswara Sahasaranama is a unique one which is recited in only Tirumala to the Lord. Whereas the beginning date for this seva is not known but the monument from 1518 A.D. is the earliest instance where sahasranamarchana is found.

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Archana is an arjita seva that will be performed on any day to Lord venkatewara starts with suprabatham followed by thomala and concludes with ekanthaseva. Check ttd online booking, ttd online booking darshan

This archana seva will be done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and is performed in ekantham on the remaining days.  Arjita seva details for devotes are as follows:

  1. The person should report earlier for the seva ticket where the reporting time starts at 4 .00 AM and closes by 4.30 AM.
  2. The seva time starts at 4.30 AM and that to on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. The price of the ticket is Rs. 220.00 per person .
  4. Prasadam for each ticket is 2 small laddu’s.

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As per the new system which is introduced In 2009, they can issue p to 12000 tickets only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday while the count has been restricted to only 5000 on other days (i.e., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday where these are seva days)

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In tirumala, as there are thousands of people who participate as sevakarta’s, it is difficult to mention the name and gothram of every sevakarta so the gothram is not read but instead of that lord venkateswara’s blessings are seek for the fortune of the whole world.

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After the completion of archana pilgrims are allowed to have darshanam of lord venkateswara. They are allowed to enter outer courtyard for this darshanam but the devote rush doesn’t allow to enter beyond first courtyard (last prakaram).

This is all about Archana or Sahastranamarchana in Tirumala. Hope this article helpful to you to know about Archana Seva in Tirumala.

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